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Zero Waste Body Butter

Chelsea Lensing


Beauty products have always been hard for me. I spend hours researching products and their ingredients just to end up frustrated because the ingredients are minimal and organic but the container it comes in isn't recyclable.  There is a giant disconnect with the actual product and the packaging it comes in.  Both are extremely important to me and that's why I've decided to make my own body butter. Outside of winter I usually just use coconut oil to moisturize, but during these dry winter months my skin needs a little more.  

body butter.jpg

This recipe is beyond words simple, you can make this in your kitchen with an immersion blender or even just a good old fashioned spoon.  If you're messy like me, you'll be sure to have extremely moisturized hands by the end.  Good luck!


1 cup organic coconut oil
1 tbsp vitamin E oil
1/4 cup shea butter
Optional: your favorite essential oil (I prefer unscented)

Combine all ingredients (you may have to melt/soften the coconut oil to get a good blend) and mix.  The consistency should be similar to icing.  

Store in reusable glass jars.